Speedrunners are beating Super Mario Odyssey in less than 90 minutes


Super Mario Odyssey hasn’t even been out for a week yet—but speedrunners are already beating the game in under 90 minutes.

The current world record of one hour and 24 minutes, set by “IMtendo”, is the quickest time currently on the speedrun.com leaderboards for the game. The speedrun itself isn’t the best showing, with IMtendo dying multiple times throughout the speedrun and missing a few tricks.

The speedrun requires players to complete the game in the fastest time possible by collecting a set number of moons, the game’s main collectible, in each world before advancing to the next. Once the player finishes the final sequence and completes all the story missions, the speedrun ends.

In order to achieve this time, speedrunners discovered huge skips in the game within a matter of hours after the game was released. Some of this skips allowed players to miss a large portion of the final story kingdom, the Moon Kingdom, using a setup to jump over the entire area saving over six minutes.

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Speedrunners have also discovered a way to skip over the entire Cascade Kingdom and jump straight to the first boss with the Dinosaur capture ability. The trick involves players taking over the Dinosaur and using a trampoline nearby to jump into the loading zone.

Players aren’t stopping there, however. Currently runners are trying to save 20 more minutes off of the current world record, and continue to find new routes and skips to push towards the 60 minute mark.