Sociable Soccer Receives First Major Update


Sociable Soccer has been available in Steam Early Access for a few weeks now and developer Combo-Breaker has just dropped the game’s first major patch. The focus is on improving the AI, from goalkeepers, to introducing realistic deflections off of players, to generally smarter and more life-like AI.

Massive Change List

While the overall list of changes is too long to appropriately include in this news post, we have highlighted the most intriguing fixes and tweaks below. Of course, you can read the entire change log in the Steam Community announcement.

  • Improved AI
  • Improved Goalkeepers
  • Improved Player Selection & shot powers
  • Improved Slide Tackles and Headers
  • Improved Collision for Ball, Players and Posts
  • Improved Penalty Shoot Out (presentation incomplete)
  • Improved Kits and Kit Clash algorithm
  • Improved HUD Display in game
  • Skip Button added for replays and game breaks
  • Improved World Mode menu buttons
  • Improved Tactics menu & squad saving (subs coming soon)
  • Improved player card layout and images
  • Fixed Boss Mode Save & improved checkpoint spacing
  • Many other bug fixes, optimisations and tweaks
  • Continued absence of Loot Boxes

That last one is a cheeky, albeit nice, touch by the dev team.

Sociable Soccer Receives First Major Update
GoalkeepersCombo-Breaker • Licensed by Owner

It’s great to see an early access game roll out frequent and meaningful updates based on the community’s input. If you’re a fan of the classic Sensible Soccer, you owe it to yourself to check our Sociable Soccer and its Very Positive rating over on its Steam Store page.