SOE unveils new H1Z1 details: Bigger than Planetside 2, unique Zombie AI and more, in-game screen leaked, looks stunning

SOE president Johm Smedley has revealed some interesting new details regarding their upcoming free-to-play survival horror game, H1Z1. Smedley talked about how big H1Z1 is with respect to studios’ previous game PlanetSide 2, gameplay mechanics and more.

H1Z1Smedley stated that H1Z1 order of magnitude will be bigger than PlanetSide 2, and when asked to comment on whether fire will play a key role in few gameplay mechanics? he replied: “Here is something that you can do here [in H1Z1] that you can’t do in other games, light things on fire. You will be able to burn down trees, burn down stuff and that is going to be a lot of fun”

In addition to this, Smedley confirmed that H1Z1 will be a bit different from survival horror zombie titles available in the market as it will feature dynamic zombie A which will result in new experience everytime player plays the game.

“H1Z1 is the first game that we will be putting out that will have emergent AI. The zombie themselves have their own individual AI, they are not on some pre-programmed script and they actually think of themselves.,”

About crafting system in H1Z1, Smedley replied: “This game has the deepest crafting system that I have ever seen in any game. If you find a vehicle, you have to find a battery, you have to refill the cell, find spark plugs. We are not screwing around, this is going to be a hard game. If people don’t like hard games that don’t play this game.”

H1Z1 is scheduled to launch on Playstation 4 and PC. You can check out new screenshot of the game discovered in game’s official website below. Click on the image to view in 3375X732 resolution.

H1Z1 screen via official website