SOMA’s Safe Mode Strips Away Monster Combat


Ever wanted to play SOMA, but hated the game’s monsters? There’s good news. SOMA is receiving a new game mode that prevents its enemy monsters from attacking the player, stripping away one of the game’s most controversial features.

For the uninitiated, SOMA follows Simon Jarrett, a car crash victim who suddenly awakens in the underground deep sea facility PATHOS-II, where robots and humanoid hybrids stalk and attack him. The game follows Simon’s journey as he attempts to learn what happened to humanity (and himself) before he woke up.

In “Safe Mode,” players can experience SOMA without dealing with┬áthe game’s enemy creatures. Instead, players can walk around the game’s PATHOS-II and experience the entire story without suffering from monster attacks. This changes SOMA from a survival-horror title with monster encounters into a narrative-driven game about solving puzzles and advancing through the plot.

When it comes to SOMA, Safe Mode may be for the best. The game’s monsters consistently received criticism from reviewers, with many claiming they watered down a game that was otherwise praised for its atmosphere, writing, and pacing. Plus, Safe Mode may just get new players interested in giving SOMA a shot, as the feature lands alongside the game’s Xbox One release on Dec. 1.

PC gamers are also receiving a free update for the game alongside the December launch, assuring that players who already bought the game can hop back in and experience its world without having their organs ripped apart. That sounds like a good deal for a game that’s already been scaring gamers for two years.

H/T PCGamesN