Sonic 3D Blast is getting an unofficial patch from its original lead designer


Jon Burton, founder of Traveller’s Tales (previously TT Games) is working on an unofficial patch for Sonic 3D Blast called Sonic 3D: Director’s Cut

Burton was the lead designer and programmer for the Sonic title, developed by Traveller’s Tales in 1996 and released for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, and Windows 9x platforms. 

The patch is meant to improve on a slew of things as far as the original Sonic 3D Blast goes. For one, collision detection and improved controls are on the docket, as well as the ability to go Super Sonic. There’s a password save coming as well as a possible in-game level editor, which would be a major draw for players. Essentially Burton is looking to further polish the game beyond its current state. 

There’s no official release date on the horizon, but the patch will be released separately from the game as Burton works on it on his own time as a pet project. 

Along with working on the upcoming Sonic 3D Blast patch, Burton also runs the YouTube channel GameHut, where he displays odds and ends from work he’s previously done as a video game creator, such as prototypes of games that never came to fruition and canceled titles as well. If you’re interested in seeing more from him, you can check out his work on the YouTube channel for more cool gaming rarities.