Sonic Forces’ new stage is a nostalgic treat for fans


Sonic Forces is the latest Sonic adventure to attempt to bring the hedgehog back to his former glory. It’s shown off several different, colorful stages over the past few moments leading up to its November launch, and the latest feels quite familiar.

The new “Chemical Plant” stage is a nostalgic take on a familiar level fans have seen before: the Chemical Plant Zone, with an updated high-definition makeover. You’ll be able to play through several stages as Modern Sonic or as Classic Sonic, but the coolest part for fans is the fact that you can play as the customizable Hero Character in this stage as well.

There was also a new Wispon revealed in tandem with the Chemical Plant stage, one of the new weapons that use Wisps’ color powers to give Sonic characters a special, souped-up ability. This one is the Drill Wispon, inspired by Sonic Colors. It allows you to dash on the ground and on walls, but its most useful ability is its powerful, chargeable punch that can take out enemies in a single blow. It’s a powerful tool for the Resistance,

Sonic Forces follows Sonic and friends as they rally against Eggman, who’s finally taken over the world. The stages you’ll conquer will vary depending on which version of Sonic you’re playing as, though your Avatar will be used in other segments still. Though it won’t be as much of a nostalgia burst as Sonic Mania was, it looks like a solid Sonic title that may be capable of wiping away some of the frustration the previous entries have drilled into fans, as it were (pun intended).