Sonic Runners Adventure lands on Android and iOS


Gameloft’s Sonic Runners Adventure is finally available for iOS and Android users around the world. Originally released back in June 2017, it’s finally up for grabs now. 

The sequel to the original Sonic Runners from 2015, this runner is a platformer with endless runner elements sprinkled throughout. You’ll choose different characters with their own unique abilities as you make your way through various levels based on different stages pulled from both Sonic Lost World and Sonic Generations

As is the case with most endless runners, you continually, automatically keep moving forward, so you’ve got to tap your screen to avoid the obstacles that pop up in your way. You can collect various golden rings to beef up your health and keep you from dying, just like the regular Sonic games as well. It’s pretty standard mobile gaming fare, but it’s a lot more polished than Sonic Runners.

The fairly awful free-to-play model from the first game has been altered so that you only need to purchase the game for $2.99, and it’s free of advertisements or in-game currency. Rejoice in this modern marvel of mobile gaming iniquity, and pick up the game now for some fun during your holiday travels. It’s massively improved from the first go-around, Gameloft has seen to it.