Sony: “3D without glasses for portables does not have high precision”

It is clear that 3D has opened a new dispute between the major companies in the world of videogames. And, as usual, Sony not stressed by having to mince words .

Kaz Hirai, The head of the Japan company has made a new statement in which makes it very clear his views on the new three-dimensional technology .

Kaz Hirai said that, “Based off internally conducted research, naked-eye 3D for portables does not have high precision, and at present there are limitations.”

However, the executive made it clear that they had not yet seen Nintendo 3DS and therefore can not say anything about it and he was referring specifically to the new laptop rival.

In addition, Hirai said that Sony’s portable will not use this technology, and that they will focus on the compatibility between 3D and PlayStation 3.