Sony approve 8GB GDDR5 RAM for PS4 in very final meeting after getting feedback from developers says Mark Cerny

Mark Cerny, lead architect of Playstation 4 has revealed that the decision to include 8GB GDDR5 RAM was taken at the very final meeting with other top execs of Sony.

PS4In a recent interview with our friend at GameInformer, Cerny stated that he came well prepared and spoke on PS4 RAM memory size at the very last moment that too indirectly by means of taking feedback from developers first.

Mark Cerny said: “On the decision to have 8GB of RAM…I’m supposed to look at the hardware and talk to the developers. I am not a business guy. There is an organization Andy runs, which is the business organization. So you don’t want to speak up too soon. If you speak up too soon it’s like, “That’s a billion dollars we are talking about.”

“Mark is good with the bits and the bytes but he doesn’t understand this whole business thing.” I very intentionally waited. They asked, “What do you think Mark?” I said, “Well, let’s get feedback from the developers.” I did not speak up until the very final meeting on the topic, and then I said, “I think we have to do this.”

Sony’s Andrew House elaborated further that Cerny did the homework pretty well on Playstation RAM memory size. Read below what House elaborated:

“When he finally did get his opinion, he had a PowerPoint presentation prepared, a list of feedback from developers with reasoning behind this. He certainly made a case when he made his case. And it was a good one, and we were gravitating toward that decision.”

Going for 8GB GDDR5 RAM memory for Playstation 4 is said to be a master-stroke and Mark Cerny deserves all credit for it.