Sony Caught Using Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Font on PlayStation Store, Accident Or Deliberate?

A pretty interesting thing on PlayStation Store caught the eyes of Reddit user (from Xbox One sub-reddit) “vagrantwade”. The font used on PlayStation Store webpage looks like a rip-off of the font used in Insomniac’s upcoming open world Xbox One exclusive title, Sunset Overdrive.

Sunset Overdrive

Is PlayStation family are also excited about Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One? The following message and image was shared just a few minutes ago via Sunset Overdrive official Twitter account:

“Hey @Playstation. Nice font. Glad you guys are excited for @SunsetOverdrive too.”

Sunset Overdrive Font on PlayStation Store

Take a look at the comparison image below:

Sunset Overdrive vs PS Store Font Comparison

Sony might defend it by issuing a press statement like “Human Error”, but this is an interesting goof-up (deliberately or not we have no idea, might be to show support for Insomniac Games who worked on PlayStation exclusive franchise Resistance) just ahead of launch of Sunset Overdrive.

The second scenario which hints that this is a deliberate move from Sony: There is a free font based on Sunset Overdrives font (here is the link), and so i am guessing Sony Designer who made that graphic used it on purpose.

Tell us in the comment section below what you guys think?