Sony CEO Comments PlayStation Neo, “Play An Awful Lot Prettier”


Andrew House, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO, has provided a comment about PlayStation 4 Neo during a post-E3 2016 interview released to BBC. As it was predictable, Sony didn’t show the new hardware in order to prevent PlayStation VR from being overshadowed by such a big announcement.

PS4 Neo

Moreover, PlayStation Neo, defined a “high end PS4”, is said to run games “an awful ot prettier” in comparison with current PlayStation 4 system and to be a showcase for a new philosophy where consoles are not static platforms anymore.

BBC: You have a new PlayStation, or upgraded PlayStation 4 in the works, why aren’t we seeing that at E3 this year?

House: Really, very very simple. Just as was the case with PlayStation VR we feel that it’s important to show people the new hardware, the new platform, when we have got the full range of experiences that can take advantage of it.

BBC: Now, PlayStations have had refreshes over the course of the lifecycle of every single generation of PlayStation, but this is a slightly different refresh, isn’t it, because it’s a hardware refresh as well, it’s not just cosmetic. Is this indicative of a new strategy for the PlayStation, that there’s going to be more heavy-duty upgrades over the course of a console’s lifecycle?

House: Well, to be very clear, the high end PS4, codenamed Neo, that we are working on, is an addition to the existing lineup, not a replacement. Perhaps we have an opportunity to move slightly away from just a static console that remains absolutely the same for a period of six, seven, eight years. And perhaps offer, in addition to the current PS4, something a little extra. Particularly, and I should stress this, in the area of graphic fidelity, and games that will essentially play an awful lot prettier than games have previously.