Sony Comment on Crash Bandicoot Coming To PS4 Rumor, Says “Activision Still Owns The IP”


Last week Amazon France listed Crash Bandicoot for Playstation 4, and yesterday Activision removed all references of Crash Bandicoot from their official website. In addition to this, official Crash Bandicoot website, owned and operated by Activison was shut down as well.

Crash BandicootAll these hints point towards one thing, Crash Bandicoot is coming to Playstation 4 soon and Sony is now the new owner of Crash Bandicoot IP. However Adam Boyes, Vice President of Sony’s PR Department has stated via Twitter that any question regarding Crash Bandicoot should be asked to Activision as they are current owner of the IP.

This reply of Adam Boyes definitely crushes the hopes of millions of Playstation and Crash Bandicoot fans.