Sony comments on PS VITA’s Awkward Touch controls

We all have been hearing mix response about Playstation VITA’s rear touch mechanism (some says it is AWKWARD, whereas other says it is AWESOME). In the lastest issue of Edge Magazine SCEE President Jim Ryan shed some light on positive and negative points about handheld’s rear touch controls.

PS VITAJim Ryan said, “It’s a nice, unique feature, but it’s not something that can be used indiscriminately, because obviously you’ve got the issue of not knowing where exactly your finger is, unless you’re gifted with some sixth sense.”

The above statement from Ryan clearly says that VITA’s rear controls aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. He further suggests that PS VITA touch interface may suit better weaker gamers.

“For someone like me, who’s basically a poor gamer, I can play Uncharted using touch functionality. Someone who is a very proficient and accomplished gamer can conventionally enjoy it at a different level.”

What you guys think about PS VITA rear controls, do let us know your views in the comment section below.