Sony Confirms PS Plus June 2016 Instant Game Collection Reveal Incoming Next Week


PlayStation Plus free games’ announcement is pretty late, since those titles are usually revealed in the second half of the month. Anyway, it looks something is moving along, as PlayStation Plus community manager just said on Twitter responding to some fans.

PlayStation Plus For June 2016

The announcement “should be next week”, according to Frannifer. We would read this into it: May ends on Tuesday. Since these would be June games, and those titles as said get announced by the end of the previous month, the reveal should be coming on Tuesday, May 31.

That would also make sense looking at the days PlayStation Store gets updated, but we don’t know at this point if the arrival of the new PlayStation Plus free games offer is being delayed or whatever.

The lack of communication from Sony is frustrating but, on the other end, it doesn’t look like there’s something they’re worried about or some last minute concern they could be taking into account while evaluating what’s in and what’s not.

We’ll provide any update about June PlayStation Plus June free games as soon as we get it. Rumors point out there’s going to be NBA 2K16 for PS4 among them.