Sony Could Be Working On A More Powerful PlayStation 4 Labelled “PS4.5” – Report

According to Kotaku’s reliable sources, Sony could be possibly working on a PlayStation 4.5, a new PS4 model featuring a new and more powerful GPU capable of running 4K resolution games and perhaps not even requiring PlayStation VR to use an external unit anymore. Of course, we’re labeling this as a rumor so far.

PlayStation 4.5

Based on this rumor, anyway, it seems like Sony has already held some meetings at Game Developers Conference in order to discuss the new model with developers, apparently finding them interested to the concept of PS4.5. Kotaku has already contacted Sony to ask some comments about this but the standard “we don’t comment rumor and speculations” was the only thing arriving from the Japanese platform holder.

We’re still three months away from E3 2016 and it doesn’t seem Sony is ready to introduce a new PlayStation 4 model until now. A few weeks ago, it must be noted, Microsoft also pointed out hardware upgrades could be coming for Xbox One, although Phil Spencer made it clear this is still being thought about and discussed internally.

It could be something possibly coming in a couple years from now, and the only reasons why we could think about this as something possible is Sony willing to use the strong PS4 brand and userbase as a pivot for the coming generation; Sony willing to push forward the 4K TVs market, which has been a bit stagnant so far.

Let us know in the comments below if these hypothesis are correct in your opinion, or you don’t believe this rumors will lead to something concrete in the mid and long term.