Sony Devs & Programmer reacts to DX12 improving Xbox One GPU speed by 2X, “always be suspicious of performance claim”

Recently at Build 2014 conference, Microsoft showcased tech demo of DirectX 12, it was very well received by attendees and many industry professionals such as CEO of Stardock Brad Wardell.

Xbox OneAt Build 2014, Brad Wardell stated DirectX 12 is going to be a game changes for Xbox One in next-gen console war against Playstation 4 as it will offer “every Xbox One owner a new GPU that is twice as fast as the old one.”

Later on via Twitter, Brad clarified his above statement and said: “It’s not literally (it’s software, not hardware) but yes, dx12 games will likely by more than 2x as fast.”

Now comes the interesting point, opinions of Sony’s first party studios executives on Brad bold claims and whether or not DirectX 12 will indeed benefit Xbox One performance.

Rich Forster, programmer on SCE’s R&D PhyreEngine team, stated that, “Well that made me smile: “” … DX12 will push GPUs twice as hard leading to overheating.”

PS4 ICE Team programmer Cort Stratton added that, “New SDKs can significantly improve performance on the same hardware, yes. Dunno about DX12/X1 specifically, of course; not my dept.” and “Good; always be suspicious of ANY perf. improvement claims. e.g. what *exactly* got 50-100% faster? Faster than what? Details!”

Now here are response of some third party studios executives.

Treyarch software engineer Dan Olson: “Here’s an article… no idea why people go on record for stuff like this”

Software developer for .NET and Windows Phone Kévin Gosse said, “RyuJIT/SIMD, DX12, Mantle…Moving back to lower abstraction levels. Programming is about rediscovering the same principles again and again!”

Billy O’Neal’s, C# and C++ developer at Microsoft said: “Both major consoles have a large number of weak sauce CPU cores. Hence the motivation to optimize that case.”

Last but not the least, here comes the most hilarious one from Programmer Dean Ashton “2x perf on Xbox One when using DX12? That article nearly made me choke on my cup of tea.”

DirectX 12 will arrive during Holiday 2015, whether it will helpful in Xbox One overall performance only time will tell but seeing these quotes from developer and industry professional, a big question mark have already been put up.

Tell us in the comment section below what you guys think about API and its Xbox One performance gain claims?

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