Sony Takes Dig At Xbox One X: Xbox One X Is Just Specs, We Remain The Best Place To Play


Sony’s PlayStation Paris Games Week 2017 presser carried many surprises – the new trailer for The Last of Us: Part II, reveal of a brand new IP from Sucker Punch – Ghost of Tsushima, a new trailer for God of War which also confirmed an early 2017 release window and many others. Analyst took this stance of Sony as a great marketing move as the Xbox One X launch is just a week away from Paris Games Week 2017 – in fact we carried a feature article on how true these claims are – PlayStation PGW 2017 Was A Great Move To Make You Forget About Xbox One X’s Launch.

Xbox One X - Where Are The Games? Asks Sony

PlayStation Global Sales Head Jim Ryan today issued a statement on Xbox One X which almost confirms that Sony’s PlayStation Division is indeed doing everything possible to remind players that why PlayStation is still the best place to play the video games and they are making backing this claim by showing ton of first-party PlayStation exclusives that are currently in development and why there is not much of a difference when it comes to PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X, and lastly by issuing a statement like Xbox One X has an INTERESTING SPECS but where are the games.

Speaking with our friend at The Telegraph after Paris Games Week 2017 press conference, Jim Ryan stated that no doubt Xbox One X has interesting specs as compared to the competitor, but there is lack of proof which gives it an edge – where are the games and how they look?

“Specs are interesting but that’s all they are: specifications. The proof is in how the games look – and which games they are.”

Ryan then took the attention to the games PlayStation showcased at Paris Games Week 2017.

“You saw last night, there was a great range of games – many of which are exclusive to our platform and you will only find on a PS4 Pro, that I think allow us to feel – as I said almost three times last night – that we remain the best place to play.”

He then went on to proudly claim that they PlayStation is currently leading the video game industry because of the output from the First-Party Studios. Jim Ryan termed it as “One of the key differentiators”.

“Certainly for us, it is one of the key differentiators, yes. Games like Uncharted 4, we just had Gran Turismo, a whole range of stuff from studios located in Japan and Europe – obviously Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games here in Europe – West Coast of America – we’ve spent a lot of time nurturing that network of studios, a lot of time over many, many years, and a lot of hard work. but we think now it’s a big asset for us.”

These wordings of Jim Ryan is absolutely true – just analyze the record of Sony’s first-party studios since the reveal of PlayStation 4 (i.e. start of this generation) you will know the one of the main reason why they are leading currently by a massive margin against Xbox One.

There is no doubt that Xbox One X has great specs and it is much more powerful than PlayStation 4 Pro – however – there is lack of first party AAA games that we can call a system seller – Can you name the first-party game from Xbox One that can stand against – Already Released: Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn (upcoming Forzen Wilds DLC is going to offer 15 hours of gameplay), and Upcoming Games: The Last of Us: Part II, Death Stranding?

Source: The Telegraph