Sony: DriveClub Was Delayed Due To Huge Technical Issue, Not Worried About Competition With Forza Horizon 2 And Others

Evolution Studios’ upcoming racing title, DriveClub was initially announced as the launch title for Playstation 4. However, due to some unknown reasons it was delayed, and neither Sony nor Evolution Studios provided exact reason for it, until now. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida, in a lengthy interview to Eurogamer revealed that DriveClub was delayed due to “Huge Technical Issue” and this forced development team at Evolution Studios to go back to the drawing board with DriveClub.


Shuhei Yosihda also commented on tough competition DriveClub will have later this year against Project Cars, The Crew And Forza Horizon 2. He explained that all DriveClub is different kind of games compared to other racing titles mentioned above, and there is no direct competition.

About DriveClub’s delay, Yoshida said:

“We’re excited with what DriveClub is now. Last year we were hoping to get it done, but there was a huge technical issue. So the team had to go back and re-engineer some parts of the game. That’s the reason it took so long. It’s almost a whole year, because the team went back to the drawing board in some of the key aspects of the game.”

On comparison of DriveClub with other upcoming racing titles, Yoshida said

“So, now what we have is a game the team has always imagined. I personally checked out other racing games at E3 and personally I was pretty happy. It’s a different kind of game compared to the other games you mentioned. I didn’t see any direct competition, from my perspective. I don’t know. People will tell us when it comes out.”

He added:

“Quite honestly, we already liked the game at Gamescom 2013, but clearly the polish has been improved, as we checked ourselves last week. We awarded the game our Best Racing and Best Graphics awards, too, and we’re very much looking forward to delve into Club-vs-Club racing once Driveclub releases on 7th October, exclusively for PlayStation 4. Check back soon for more on Driveclub!”

What you guys think, can DriveClub sustain the tough competition against “Project Cars, The Crew And Forza Horizon 2”? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.