Sony funniest response on PS4 indie policies vs Xbox One [email protected] program comparison


Sony’s PS4 indie developer policy is a massive success as compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One i.e [email protected], and this is clearly visible for the official figure of indie developers supporting Xbox one and PS4 (Sony confirmed that over 1000 indie dev are making games for PS4, whereas for Xbox One this figure is just 250).

PS4 vs Xbox One Indie Policies ComparisonThe main issue of indie developer community with [email protected] is controversial “launch parity clause”. In a recent interview with our friend at GameSpot, Sony’s Adam Boyes was asked to compare Sony’s indie developer programs and initiatives with that of Microsoft’s.

Read the reply from Boyes as he explains the entire with a help of a real-life event, and its one of the funniest thing we have ever heard from Boyes.

“I hearken that to the relationship I have with my wife. I care about her a lot. There’s people that live in the house next to me that are married and they have their relationship. And sometimes I hear yelling in the night but I don’t go to their house to ask them [about it].”

The issue with launch parity clause in [email protected] is indie developers can only release their games on Xbox One if they haven’t already been released on other consoles.

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