Sony Hints PS4 Firmware 2.0 Release Date, Why Still No DLNA/Video Player, More Features Yet To Be Announced


Earlier today, Sony revealed tons of more new features that will be coming to PlayStation 4 via Firmware 2.0 such as “USB Music Player, Themes, Home Screen Color” and many more things. However, no details were shared regarding the release date in the actual blog post.


But in the comment section, Scott McCarthy, Director, Product Planning & Software Innovation, SCEA hinted that PS4 firmware 2.0 release is just around the corner, and if we have to make a guess, it will be “Later October or Early November”.

When a fan asked: “any idea on a date for the 2.00 update”, Scott replied:

“We have not yet announced a date. That said we don’t want you guys playing some of the biggest games of the year without the biggest update of the year.”

PS4 Firmware Release Date

In addition to this, Scott also revealed this is not the final list of features coming with PS4 firmware 2.0, many more things are yet to be announced.

“Keeping in mind this is revealing a bit more about the update but it is not the full list yet – more to come” said Scott.

Lastly, Scott also clarified on still lack of Video Player or DLNA for PlayStation 4.

“This is a personal ‘must have’ for me as well. I will say that DLNA will be great when it arrives”. He further clarified:

“We look at all media apps and other features but we also look at how people are using the PS4 and how can we make that experience better for our gamers. Sometimes this means leaving cakes in the oven a little longer…”

So there you have it folks, PS4 firmware 2.0 release is just around the corner might be between “October End or November Early” and with many more features to be announced.

PS4 Firmware Release Window Clarification

PS4 Firmware 2.0 DLNA Support Clarification

Source: PS Blog