Sony Issue Clarification on Why GTA V Pre-Load Was Not Available in North America

Grand Theft Auto V

It has been a smooth ride for PS3 gamers in North America who pre-ordered digital version of GTA V because they didn’t get to pre-load the game this morning as previously promised by Rockstar Games, “those who’ve pre-ordered GTAV on PSN will be able to preload the game as follows: Sunday 3PM BST in Europe, Monday 3AM EST [12AM PST] in the US”.

GTA VSony’s Morgan Haro was force to give a clarification on this entire mess, he stated that there was some sort of miscommunication (whatever the end result was GTA V who pre-ordered the game suffered). Morgan wrote of PS Blog:

“From our end, SCEA has never announced anything regarding any pre-loading functionality. This is functionality that has been used at rare times in EU, however there are a number of factors that we need to consider before using it.

The pre-order functionality on the PS Store works the same as it always has. You guys know that GTA V is far from the first title we’ve ever had on pre-order, but unfortunately there was some mis-information out there that stated we can set up pre-loading. We can not at this time.

I do apologize for seeing the misinformation out there which seems to have started just last Friday.The internet can be a funny place and mis-information can spread like wildfire, but I’m afraid that any element of pre-loading as a reason to pre-order has never been pointed to by SCEA, as cool as it would be.

Guys, the game will drop at midnight tonight, and yes it will take a bit o ‘ time to download; but that’s par for the course in the digital space ^__^. You’re going to have a great game in your hands soon, so look forward to the good times that await!”

Kristine Steimer further added, “There was some miscommunication this weekend — there is no pre-loading function on the North American store at this time. However, you will be able to start downloading GTA V at 12 am EST.”