Sony Issue New Update On The Last Guardian Development: “It’s Moving In Right Direction”

Fumito Ueda's Next Game Still Very Early In The Dev Process

The Last Guardian is one such game that has been stuck in development for a long time. The game was initially schedule to launch on Playstation 3, but recent rumors and reports are pointing towards it being shifted to PS4.

The Last GuardianToday Kotaku has a small talk with Sony Santa Monica’s former head Allan Becker, who gave an update on development status of The Last Guardian.

When Kotaku asked about The Last Guardian, Allan Becker replied: “We’re real-time in that process,”

“And we don’t necessarily agree with each other—Fumito Ueda and I—about process. In some sense, I sort of… implemented change, which, I think, is causing some concern and consternation. But, once again, I think the benefit will come through. We’re still going through that phase of adjustment and finding the right balance and groove.”

“I think,” Becker adds, “it’s moving along in the right direction.”

Playstation fans will be happy to know that development work on The Last Guardian is moving in right direction, and all they need now is a massive re-reveal of The Last Guardian for Playstation 4.