Sony Japan starts new service of selling PS4 spare parts “HDD bay cover, bracket and more”, nothing for Europe/NA

Sony Japan via press-release has just announced a new scheme for Playstation 4 owners in Japan. They will be able to buy some spare parts of Playstation 4, price and other details of the scheme are listed below.

Playstation 4Sony will offer PS4 owners in Japan HDD bay cover for 1000 yen ($10), HDD bay bracket for 500 yen ($5), set of screw for both these bracket for 250 YEN and a power cord for 450 YEN.

No details yet, whether this scheme will also be available to Playstation 4 owners in North America and Europe. We have contacted our sources at SCE, hope to see a reply from them. So stay tuned to Gamepur for more updates on this.

Playstation 4 has a large consumer base in Europe and North America, so this new scheme will be a helpful. How many you want to see this type of services from Sony? Share your views with us in the comment section below.