Sony Music Gets Into Games With Publishing Unties Label


In some strange news, Sony Music has announced it will begin publishing games under its own label called Unties. The company will focus on indie games from the Japanese development scene. It plans to lead with a turn based strategy game called Tiny Metal. Apparently they will also be publishing some VR games, though it is unknown at this point if they will be exclusive to PlayStation. There other games appear to be coming out on a range of platforms, from PC to the Nintendo Switch.

Despite Sony Interactive Entertainment normally being the name we associate with games when it comes to Sony, Sony Music seem to planning a big push into the gaming space. Sony Music issued a statement, which was translated by Gematsu.

With the growth of game development environments, high quality game development has become possible even in small scale environments, and the evolution of digital publishing has made it easier to distribute developed titles to users worldwide. On the other hand, with a mixed bag of titles overflowing the market, there are also situations where interesting titles are buried without being noticed.

At Unties, we dig up the masterpieces buried in those situations, and support them so that more users notice and pick them up. We spread information about excellent games and sell titles for multiple platforms.

So far the company has announced four titles that it plans to publish. In a week of unusual gaming news this still manages to standout as an unusual story. There is no obvious reason why Sony Music would jump into game publishing like this, unless maybe the plan is to share the gaming space wealth around Sony as a whole. As a guy who loves indie games, I can’t complain. New publishers and new games is good news for me.

It is also entirely possible that Sony Music are looking to leverage their artists to provide soundtracks for the games, then leverage those fan-bases to move copies. Quite frankly it’s a confusing move that could play out any number of ways.

Tiny Metal

Last Standard

Merkava Avalanche

Deemo Reborn