Sony: NGP is not compatible with Andriod Apps


Michael Denny, vice president of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe has confirmed that apps that are available from Andriod Store will not be compatible with NGP (Playstation VITA), only the Andriod App available on PS Suite will be compatible with the handheld.


In an interview to NowGamer, Michael Denny said, “We announced back in January the PlayStation Suite, the idea of PlayStation support for certain Android certified devices.”

“So the idea behind that was to expand the PlayStation gaming experience wider than just PlayStation gaming devices, “Denny explained,” we think they can complement each other – they’re different experiences but they will have the seal of PlayStation quality throughout. We’re happy to support both and those Android games available on PlayStation Suite will be available to play on NGP as well.”

When Mark was quizzed to clarify whether NGP is not compatible with Andriod app, Denny said, “Correct. PlayStation Suite devices only.”