New Sony Label is Publishing Indie Games For Nintendo Switch and PC


Worlds are colliding on the Nintendo Switch. Sony Music unveiled a new label dedicated to indie video games this week, and the company’s first game is headed to the Nintendo Switch.

Sony Music’s “Unties” label plans to “unearth high-quality [indie] titles” and use Sony Music’s “vast entertainment business wisdom” to give indie games a proper home among consumers, GameSpot reports. In other words, Sony plans to give game developers more control during development in exchange for an improved publishing experience through Sony Music’s team.

The first game on the way from Unties is Tiny Metal, a military strategy game from Japan compared to Advance Wars in gameplay and style. Tiny Metal heads to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on Nov. 21 in Japan, which means Switch users in the U.S. and Europe can start playing the game by simply hopping on the Japanese Nintendo eShop when it launches.

Unties is also publishing Last Standard, Merkava Avalanche, and Deemo Reborn under the label in the near future, with Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche both coming to PC. It remains unclear what other games Unties will bring to Nintendo Switch, but TIny Metal’s appearance on the console is certainly promising.

This isn’t the first time Sony Music jumped into game publishing. Aniplex, an anime company owned by Sony Music, previously published the immensely popular mobile title Fate/Grand Order,¬†encouraging Sony Music to look more into mobile gaming ventures. It remains unclear for now if Unties will also jump into the mobile market, or if the publisher is more interested in the PC and console field. But either way, expect more games from Sony Music in the near future.

H/T GameSpot