Sony: No Plan To Abandon Console Generations After PS4 Neo Launch


Are PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio completely revolutionizing the world of gaming, shaping a future where generations don’t exist anymore? While this is the bold vision coming from Microsoft, Sony doesn’t seem like it thinks the same as of now.

PlayStation 4 Neo

Talking to The Guardian, Sony’s Andrew House has said the Japanese platform holder is not moving away from the traditional console lifecycle. “I’m certainly not making that statement”, he said, and this basically means after PlayStation Neo there will be another generation of consoles and more to follow in the years next.

In his first public statement regarding PlayStation Neo, House was very careful in detailing what he thinks this console should be, a more powerful PlayStation 4 allowing current-gen players to have better, high end technical experiences with the upcoming games.

Microsoft believes it slightly different. Abandoned the concept of generations, the Redmond platform holder thinks that, at least for this ‘family’ of Xbox consoles (including Xbox One, Xbox One S and Project Scorpio), there will be full and continued support for each and everyone who’s buying one of these three console models – despite Project Scorpio representing something you would usually dub a new generation.

Project Scorpio is releasing in late 2017, while PlayStation Neo is still waiting for an official presentation from Sony.