Sony on PS4 vs Xbox One Holiday 2014 Battle: We Respect Team Xbox, They Are Going To Give Us Strong Run For Our Money

Yesterday, Sony announced that PlayStation 4 has crossed One Million sales figure mark in United Kingdom in just 42 weeks time.

However despite this early lead, Sony is not taking the competition from Microsoft lightly, according to Sony UK Boss GARA.

Xbox One vs PS4

According to reports EuroGamer received, sales of Xbox One in United Kingdom have almost matched sales of PlayStation 4. With Christmas 2014 around the corner, Microsoft are looking to close the gap and have some interesting Xbox One bundle lined-up for launch.

Speaking to our friend at EuroGamer, Gara admitted that Microsoft is indeed a tough competitor and they are going to give Sony/PS4 a strong run for their money.

“We’re cautious about assuming anything looking forward. We’re here to compete. There’s a long way to go. One million is very important, but there are many more millions to come, clearly.”

“I think it’ll be competitive. I have every respect for the team at Xbox, and we know they’re going to give us a strong run for our money. But we’re delighted to be in a strong position and have every determination to do the very best by PlayStation gamers and bring loads more of them on board.”

Do you guys think that despite Sony/PS4 getting massive lead against Microsoft/Xbox One, the battle is still not lost? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.