Sony: “Plenty of Surprises At PS Experience Event”, Comments On #SaveShenmue Campaign & More


The hype surrounding upcoming PlayStation Experience event from Sony is massive. Earlier today, Sony released partial list of developers/publishers who will be attending the event. The surprise inclusion in the list were: “Sony Santa Monica, Sony San Diego and Guerrilla Games”. These three first party developers has officially confirmed that they are working on unannounced PlayStation 4 exclusive title.

Today, Scott Rhode, Software Product Development Boss At Sony Worldwide Studios via Twitter teased “Plenty of surprises” at the event, and according to further hint provided one of them could be Shenmue for PlayStation 4.

On Twitter, Scott Rhode talked about fans “#SaveShenmue” campaign and pointed out how fans are “Persistent” about their demands for a new Shenmue game.

“Sure getting a lot of #SaveShenmue love over the last month. I’ll say one thing… you guys sure are persistent! : )”

Now, in what sense we take this “Shenmue” tweet from Scott depends how badly we want to see new Shenmue title.

Furthermore, Scott was also asked about when PlayStation fans can expect to hear announcement of Sony Bend’s unannounced PlayStation 4 project.

“Glad you’re excited! No deets yet, but expect plenty of surprises. Oh yeah, Bend does rock. : )”

PlayStation Experience is scheduled to take place on December 6 to December 7. Are you guys excited?