Sony Quietly removes Watch Dogs PS4 1080p/60 FPS figure from Official website

Watch Dogs

It is still a mystery at what resolution Ubisoft’s upcoming open world game “Watch Dogs” will run on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Last week we received some hint from Sony Playstation website when a banner on Watch Dogs was put up, which said that the game runs at glorious 1080p/60 FPS resolution on PS4.

Watch DogsAt that time I contacted Ubisoft’s Jonathan Morin, PR Tessa Vilyn via Twitter for some clarification but didn’t receive any response.

Today, Sony has quietly removed the banner featuring term “1080p/60 FPS” and has replaced it with a new one, and this time it reads: “best graphics on any console”.

We have the comparison screenshot of both banners below for you take a look: “First One is OLD, Second One is NEW”

Watch Dogs Listing on PS4

Watch Dogs New Playstation Banner

Its seems like no one from Sony, Microsoft or Ubisoft wants to confirm a resolution/FPS figure for Watch Dogs. The game is scheduled to launch on May 27 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Tell us in the comment section below, whether you guys take into consideration resolution/FPS while buying a multiplatform game?