Sony Says There Will Be A PS5 After PS4.5

SIEA’s Shawn Layden has discussed in a recent interview with The Verge if launching PS4 Pro means for Sony they’re not issuing brand new PlayStation consoles from now on and just start relying on mid-cycle hardware upgrades. The answer is not very concrete but not surprising after all – it seems they want to see how things shape up right now.

PlayStation 5

“Right now we were concentrating on how do we iterate within this PS4 life cycle. The technology and improvements behind PS4 [Pro] are our way of articulating where we think the market wants to go,” he said when talking about what’s next for PlayStation.

“People will want to have greater fidelity of images and graphics. Where we go from there, we’re going to have to wait and see. It’s our first time innovating within the life cycle, so I’m not exactly sure what impact that will have on our plan going forward. But there will be more PlayStations.”

So it really looks like Sony is launching a new product and not making any further statements about it.

There’s a PS4 Pro, you can get it if you want more raw power, we’ll just stay here and see what users and market ask us to do in the future. It’s one of the most innovative experiments in the history of console gaming, and we’re just lucky enough to see it happen on one side, on the other we’ll need to be very careful selecting what we’re going to invest our money on.