Sony Searches For Programmers To Help Develop “Next Generation Gaming System”: Is It PS4K Neo?


Sony is working on a next-gen gaming system and this is a given already although we’ve yet to discover what it is going to like – a PS4 Slim or a completely new PlayStation to replace the one currently available? A simple tech “upgrade” or something wholly new? Who knows. What we know, anyway, is Sony is looking for video game programmers who can help it to work and create a better “next generation gaming system”.

PS4 Neo

These people would provide help “in developing a game used for R&D purposes related to our next generation gaming system”. Their responsibilities would be:


  • Contribute to the development of technology, systems and tools used in game development, including: game logic, behaviors, animations, motion systems, mini-games, physics systems, collision systems, rendering, particle effects, entities systems, camera logic, and sound to name a few
  • Manage communication and enable early identification of issues
  • Collaborate and develop aspects of a specified game-play experience
  • Provide technical vision
  • Ensure goals are met with a clear understanding of project milestones
  • Communicate updates and/or concerns to leadership

This is a clear statement from Sony, which is admitting it is working on something new when it comes to its home consoles. Anyway, it is not admitting this new system will be displayed at E3 2016: could it be something we’re going to see one or a couple years from now?

E3 could be the right occasion for Sony to do that kind of announcement, anyway our idea is we’ll be showcased a Slim console with some type of tech upgrade which is not going to represent a proper new generation of gaming hardware. Your opinion?