Sony to get whooping $150 Million from sales of its Square Enix 9520K Shares

Yesterday, Sony Corporation announced that they are selling SCE’s 9,520,000 shares in Square Enix to one of the biggest Japanese brokerage firms, SMBC Nikko Securities. The analyst predicted that the deal will net Sony 4.8 billion YEN which is “47 million dollars”.

Sony/Square EnixToday via Press-release, Sony has revealed the exact sale figure for this deal, and surprisingly its approximately 15.3 Billion YEN. This roughly translates to around $150,000,000, in other terms 150 Million Dollars.

The press-release also confirmed that Sony Corporation will receive net cash proceeds from the sale on April 21. No other details were revealed by Sony, and who cares also, all Playstation community want now is invest this nice lump of cash in first party studios.

What you guys have to say about this deal? and where you want Sony to invest this huge sum of money into? Share your views with us in the comment section below.