Sony To Reveal Knack 2 At E3 2016 PlayStation Media Briefing?


PlayStation E3 2016 media briefing will surely be filled with great and unexpected announcements, and sometimes with stuff we don’t really understand why it exist or don’t get the point with their supposed importance. Among these you could find Knack 2.

Knack 2

The original Knack was pretty disappointing, although being developed by Sony’s Japanese studios, pretty talented guys, and PS4’s lead engineer Mark Cerny, who showcased it during PlayStation 4’s presentation event to detail its hardware capabilities.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like Sony really cared about what critics had to say about Knack and greenlight a sequel’s production, which is set for an E3 2016 reveal, according to insider Shinobi602’s latest posts on NeoGaf.

So it is possible the original Knack sold so well, at least in comparison with the development and marketing budget, Sony was convinced to give this series another chance.

Knack 2 also appared in an XPEC’s employee a few months ago. The Taiwanese software house could be the one to have the game in the works, instead of former development titular studio at Sony Japan.

knack-2-insider-teaser-1.png knack-2-insider-teaser-2.png