Sony Wants To Hear Your Suggestions For PS2 On PS4 Backwards Compatibility, says “We are listening”


PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility is a much debated topic lately, with Sony promising to bring more and more games back from the PS2 era while offering something really different from what Microsoft is currently achieving with Xbox 360 and Xbox One bc program.

PlayStation 4 Backward Compatible With PS2

You actually have to pay to have your PlayStation 2 titles running on PS4, which is not on Xbox One – if you already own a physical or digital copy of a Xbox 360 game, you can make it work on the current gen console just by downloading an update released from time to time by Microsoft.

By the way, Sony is open to feedback and suggestions coming from the fans, according to what we read from the official Twitter account of Dave Thach, one of the responsible of the project in Sony. It seems like they want to hear from you what PS2 titles you would like to be implemented and launched first on the PlayStation Store.

“Loving all the PS2 on PS4 feedback! Use #ps2ps4 for your wish list suggestions so we can easily aggregate them all. We are listening…”, Thach said. Thach also added in a further tweet that a “new drop” of PlayStation 2 games will be ready and released for PS4 “the coming week”, so Sony is hard at work to make the bc titles list bigger and bigger every day.

What’s your take on this initiative from Sony? Do you think it is up to your expectations based on what you think about when reading the words “backwards compatibility”? Let us know in the comments below.