Sony Won’t Release PS5 In 2018 To Compete With Xbox Scorpio, New Consoles Every Three Years: Pachter


In a new release of his video series Pach Factor, Michael Pachter has provided an insight about what might be happening in the console market when Project Scorpio finally releases later this year. A fan asked whether Sony could be launching or not a new console after PS4 Pro in order to have a stronger competition against the upcoming Microsoft hardware.

Michael Pachter On PlayStation 5

The answer was no, as Pachter believes Sony might be dropping a new PlayStation – PS5 – by 2020, and by the same timeframe you should expect Microsoft to unleash a proper ‘sequel’ to the Xbox One. The analyst believes we’ll keep seeing new console releases every three years, just like the PS4 (2013) > PS4 Pro (2016) / Xbox One (2013) > Xbox One S (2016) model seems to be suggesting.

“Microsoft is not replacing the Xbox One- they are upgrading it. So no, Sony will not come up with more hardware in 2018. You may get a PS5 in 2019 or maybe 2020, and an Xbox Two in 2020, and we will continue to get new consoles every three years, and their software will be compatible with the system released right before it. I think that’s going to be the pattern,” he said.

This time, it looks like Pachter’s opinion is likely a fact – we see Microsoft and Sony release new consoles every three years, as well. And we also see completely new generations of a console (even though Phil Spencer doesn’t love the idea itself of generation) arise in 2020 after Scorpio and PS4 Pro, which could be definitely dubbed as mid-gen platforms.