South Park: The Fractured But Whole Beginner’s Tips


South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a hilarious role-playing game that has you playing as the New Kid, entrenched within the regular South Park gang as a fledgling superhero. You’ve joined Cartman’s Avengers-like collective Coon and Friends and you’re on a mission to quell the recent bouts of crime that have infected South Park. But there’s no doubt that you’ll need some assistance when you’re just starting off. It can be difficult to find your place within the Coon and Friends “lore,” so to speak, so what should a newbie do? We’ve got some beginner’s tips to help you suit up and start fighting crime in no time.

Don’t sweat over choosing your first class

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Unlike most role-playing games, you won’t want to sit for hours at the character creation screen in South Park: The Fractured But Whole as you try to determine which class you want to play as. The first class you choose won’t be the last, and you’re not locked into those choices for the rest of the game. You’ll be able to mix and match abilities from all of the available classes at a later point in the game, so just start off with something you’re comfortable with. So instead of worrying yourself to death over which class is “right” for your playstyle, just go with whatever seems the most fun and fill in the details later. There’s really nothing to lose.

Collect every costume you can

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It may seem like a waste of time or even frivolous, but you should absolutely be searching each area for as many unique costumes as you can. There will be several up for grabs as you power through the game, but make sure you slow down and actually look for them. The costumes themselves don’t help you in terms of stats or ability boosts, but you’ll want them to help you level up the “title” levels you get as special milestones throughout the game. Your crafting level will increase as you complete costumes and earn titles, and that means more experience for you in the long run. Go ahead, dress up. 

Finish all the side quests you can 

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The game will nudge you toward finishing the main story at a brisk pace, but don’t go along with it and go straight to the end. Make sure you take the time to complete side quests, even the ones that aren’t exactly thrilling. Sometimes you’ll most likely be moved to go ahead and turn the game off if you have to pick up item X for character Y for the hundredth time, but keep at it. These simple errands will make sure you’re leveled sufficiently and won’t have to spend time grinding when you meet up with the tougher bosses later on in the game, like Spontaneous Bootay. 

Scavenge each area for additional goodies and cash

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If you look around in each area where you see items you can interact with, such as trash cans, make sure you check them out for additional money and other items. Money is an important part of the game and you can use as much of it as you can possibly find. You’ll also find crafting materials that are of equal importance, especially since you should be making anything and everything you can when you get the chance. You’ll be asked to purchase certain items from time to time in order to progress, so make sure you’ve got enough cash to do so. 

Try and try again

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There can be some difficult moments in The Fractured But Whole, but if you fail there’s no need to accept defeat and move on. Sometimes, you might even be forced to replay specific segments because you’re having some difficulty going forward. Don’t be afraid to start over, with this in mind, even if you need to stop right in the middle of a fight. All that will happen is that you’ll have to start over at the beginning of a fight. Just restart and go into the battle with some new strategies, and repeat this until you finally emerge as victor. It may take a little while, but you’ll get there.