Spencer: “Can’t Assure Gears of War Will Stay Xbox Exclusive”, Next Installment Coming To PS4 As Well?


Phil Spencer, Chief of Microsoft Studios has stated that he can’t assure or promise anything regarding Gears of War series staying exclusive to Xbox console.

Gears of War For PS4In a recent interview with Kotaku, Phil Spencer was asked to comment on furture of Xbox One and whether or not the next installment in Gears of War series will arrive also be exclusive to Xbox consoles?

To this Spencer replied that in now way he can assure anything about Gears of War series, as it completely belong to Epic Games.

“Tt’s Epic’s franchise. You and I both know that. I can’t make any assurances about anybody else’s franchise. I’m a huge fan of the franchise. I want to continue to work with Gears. I think there’s a lot of life left in that franchise.”

“We had an internal discussion on it even yesterday. It’s something that’s active in discussion about what we can do with Gears. Obviously, I know [Epic’s management] Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein, Jay Wilbur incredibly well, so nothing to announce yet and I’d say, yes, there’s nothing even pending that I’m holding to announce, but I understand the importance of the franchise to the Xbox platform and to gamers—I’d say gamers first. It’d be great to do something forward with that franchise”

A clear indication from Spencer that Microsoft want to have new Gears of War game on Xbox One, but there’s nothing going on currently at Epic Games in this regard.

Epic Games might be working on an altogether different game or a new game in Gears of War but it may arrive on PS4 as well alongside Xbox One.

Really a worst possible scenario from Microsoft. What you guys want to say on Phil Spencer’s above statement on Gears of War remaining Xbox console exclusive?. Share you views with us in the comment section below.