Spencer Comments On Xbox One Resolution Controversy: “Its All About Right Experience”


According to Microsoft Phil Spencer, low resolution of games running on Xbox One are mutual decision of developers and Microsoft and is based on what’s the best and right experience.

Xbox OnePhil Spencer recently had a detailed talk with Adam Sessler on Xbox One resolution controvery, Xbox One/Kinect bundle, first party brand new ip in development and many more things.

When Adam Sessler asked Phil Spencer to comment on on-going Xbox One resolution controversy, he replied: “It’s all about the experience right for the game and resolution.

Spencer further added that they could have had Ryse at 1080p but Crytek and Microsoft came to the conclusion that 900p was a better fit for the game due to graphics and end user experience.

This is really a strange statement from Phil, Ryse at 1080p was possible but Crytek and Microsoft decided 900p as a better fit. Does this mean they couldn’t improve the graphics because of graphics? isn’t resolution of a game part of the graphics?

You can watch the full interview below, Resolution Question arrives at 07:00