Spencer Feels Comfortable About E3 2017 Showing, More PC Games Coming To Xbox One


As he usually does, Phil Spencer has lately had a chat with his followers on Twitter, especially discussing what’s going on with Microsoft’s E3 2017 showcase and PC/Xbox One gaming. In the first place, he said he’s sorry because of the not so great timing the event is set to air in Europe (11:00pm CET), but added he feels great about the content we’re going to see.

Phil Spencer On Xbox One, E3 2017

“I’m confident in what we’ll show. Going later in the day on Sunday will be a nice change, sorry Europe viewers for the late hour,” Xbox Head told fans on Twitter. It’s the first time Microsoft is going to show up with an E3 event on Sunday, as it usually debuts on Mondays. Sunday is also set to be Bethesda’s pre-E3 2017 show.

Talking about PC games possibly coming to Xbox One, he said he believes there’s more on its way. “I do” see that ore PC titles are coming to the console, referring to Astroneer, Fallout Shelter, Ark. “The easier we make it for devs to target Win + Xbox == more opportunity for them.”

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