Spencer: In Terms Of Graphics, Xbox Scorpio Is In Same “Ballpark” As PS4 and Xbox One


Phil Spencer has provided some interesting details about Project Scorpio’s performances and what we should expect to arrive as the outcome of those improved performances in comparison with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to him, it’s going to be in the same “ballpark”, only featuring a 4K native resolution in all the games release for it.

Xbox Project Scorpio

“I know exactly what you mean. I understand the sentiment and the dialogue. The performance spec of an Xbox One, of an Xbox One S – which is the same – or even a PS4 are roughly in the same ballpark relative to what a Scorpio is. And they have a large enough installed base of players and gamers that developers will target that audience with their new game,” Spencer said.

“And for us, all games that ship for Xbox One will ship for Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Scorpio. So those two don’t get left behind. You will still see the kind of creative problem solving on an Xbox One and Xbox One S that you’re talking about in a generational cycle.”

So it really looks like, in terms of pure graphics, it won’t change that much to own a Project Scorpio console or an Xbox One/PS4. The only thing that will be revolutionized is resolution, which will point at native 4K as current gen consoles are doing with 1080p, often not managing to reach such result.

Is this enough for you to invest on a brand new console, considering that 4K native gameplay could do a much bigger difference than you would usually expect? Let us know in the comments below.