Spencer on E3 2014 Xbox One Conference: “Couple of Special Announcements, Live Streaming Details Soon”


The new head of Microsoft’s Xbox Division Phil Spencer has been a busy bee lately. Not only he’s working on wooing us at E3, but he basically picked up a sort of community manager secondary role, pretty much like his colleague beyond the iron curtain Shuhei Yoshida.

Microsoft Xbox Division Boss, Phil Spencer via Twitter has shared some interesting details regarding how’s preparation of Xbox E3 press conference is going on, what all things fans can expect to see, details about live streaming Xbox E3 press conference and many more.

Xbox One

Spencer first talked about what he’s hoping from this year’s E3 and what fans can expect from the event.

“E3 is a great time for our industry, hopefully it brings out the best in what’s great about our industry.”

Spencer also revealed that recently Microsoft did and end to end rehearsal of Xbox E3 2014 media briefing and 2 weeks from now on they will be able to talk about all the showings. This comment came after a user asked for clarification on rumors that Microsoft’s own studios would be showing only Kinect games at E3.

“2 weeks and we’ll be able to discuss what we showed. Did an end to end run through of the briefing today, I like the show.”

When asked to spill the bean on E3 2014 game’s announcement he himself is most excited about? Spencer replied that there’s couple of announcement pretty special for him and apart from this he can’t talk much on the topic.

“Yea, I really can’t answer this one. There are a couple announces that will be special for me, I think you’ll be able to tell.”

Spencer promised that details regarding where Xbox community will be able to watch Xbox E3 press conference will be announced soon.

“You should hear something from us on this soon.”

Last but not the least, Spencer confirmed that engineers at Xbox Division are working on to improve load times for friend invitations on Xbox One.

“Faster load times is one I’m on. And we keep making progress on parties, more work to do.”

This is all we have from Spencer on Xbox E3 press conference. It looks like Microsoft have learned a lot from disastrous Xbox One reveal event and E3 2013.