Spencer On Sunset Overdrive 2: “Good Things Can Get Revisited”, Talks About Project Gotham Racing For XB1

In a recent Twitter conversation with a fan, Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer shared his thoughts on a sequel to Insomniac Games’ Sunset Overdrive, whether or not Project Gotham Racing 3 will support Backward Compatibility feature at some point in future and many other things. When asked by a fan about a sequel to Sunset Overdrive, Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft would love to revisit good things, however, they are not working on anything with Insomniac Games (currently). “good things can get revisited. We aren’t doing anything right now, though.” said Spencer.

Sunset Overdrive

Another fan asked whether Project Gotham Racing will get Backward Compatibility support? Spencer didn’t deny it but listed out the reasons why some good old Xbox 360 games will be difficult to bring back on Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. When asked: Is PGR3 going to be BC as well? and to this Spencer replied: “Challenge with games that have a lot of licenses is most licenses are done per platform, licenses would have to be redone for X1.”

So there you have it Xbox folks, never say never to Sunset Overdrive 2 and Project Gotham Racing for Xbox One.