Spencer On Xbox One Disastrous Reveal: “We Confused People” & Showed Entertainment Features Before Games


Under the leadership of Phil Spencer, Xbox One has come a long way from disastrous reveal event in May 2013 to E3 2013 and to amazing E3 2014. Seeing how Phil Spencer has managed things related to Xbox One, many are of the opinion that fate of Xbox One would have been different if Spencer had helmed the project right from the begining (very much like Mark Cenry was looking after PlayStation 4).

Xbox One

Recently, IGN (at their Podcast Unlocked) asked Phil Spencer, what all things he would have done differently if he had the responsibility for Xbox One right from the word go, and to this Spencer replied that Microsoft confused “People” with Xbox One between “gaming and entertainment” features.

“I think we get permission as a platform to focus on entertainment when we’re a great gaming platform. And before we’ve earned that permission, and we go out and try to explain to people that we’re an entertainment platform, without checking for all the Xbox fans out there that this is going to be the place they want to play games – I think that’s where we confused people.”

Do you agree with the views of Phil Spencer? and whether or not fate of Xbox One would have been different if Phil Spencer was given the responsibility? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.