Spencer On Xbox Scorpio Pre-order Date: Wait Until We Show You Games On It

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer was in a good mood just a while ago as he answered a lot of questions from gamers on Twitter. A wide range of topics were covered during this recent Q&A session between Phil and Xbox fans, ranging from Xbox Scorpio, the release date of Phantom Dust Remake, cross-platform play, and many other things.

Xbox Scorpio: Spencer Answer Pre-order Query

When asked by a fan: When can they pre-order Xbox Scorpio? Spencer replied that they should wait until few games were shown on it. A bold encouragement to wait until you see games running on Project Scorpio, before pre-ordering it. It seems like Phil Spencer has a lot of faith and confidence in Scorpio.

On the topic of the release date of Phantom Dust HD release? Spencer stated that the game will be made available before E3 2017.

“Anything on Phantom Dust HD? asking for a desperate friend”? Spencer replied: “Should ship before E3”.

Lastly, Spencer unveiled the reason behind why Cross-Platform gameplay feature between Xbox One and PC was not implemented in Halo Wars 2. When asked by a fan: “Will more games offer a cross play on Xbox one with PC like gears 4 does?”

Spencer replied: “I hope so, that’s our goal. HW2 doesn’t for some longer standing engine reasons but going forward cross-play is a good feature.”

Xbox Scorpio is scheduled to launch in Holiday 2017.