Spencer promises great E3 2014, “Spending 90% of time seeing E3 2014 line-up, packed with games from begining to end”

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Time and again Phil Spencer has talked about E3 2014 line-up of Microsoft. Recently he stated that Microsoft E3 2014 press conference is already crossing 90 minutes time limit mark and engineers are working to remove extra content.

Xbox OneToday in an interview to our friend at MCV, Spencer once again talked about the lessons Microsoft learned after Xbox One reveal event and E3 2013 event, and how 90 percent of his time is spend looking at E3 2014 line-up which will be packed with games and only games from start to end.

“We are just coming off the heels of Titanfall, which was a major launch for us on Xbox One. It saw the highest usage on Xbox Live in the Xbox One generation to-date in that first week. We feel really good about that. And the attach rates for our launch games were really high.

And now I am spending 90 per cent of my time looking at our launch line-up for E3 and into the fall, and the line-up of new IP and sequels is really strong. And the content that we have see coming over the spring has continued to keep the run-rate of Xbox doing well, with new exclusives. And when we go into E3, it is going to be a great show, packed with games from beginning to end.

And then starting in the fall, you are going to see another great list of new IP and franchises coming that will keep gamers excited. The ebb and flow of when games come out is an art form and it would be nice if one could be penciled in every week. But that’s not what leads to the best product and we stay focused on our games and our partner games to make sure we get the best titles to market at the right time.”

Microsoft recently promoted Phil Spencer to the post of Xbox Division Boss, and it seems like he is taking all the right decision. What you guys have to say about Phil Spencer and things you expect to see at Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference.