Spencer talks about DX12 benefits for Xbox One, changes in Paywall, promises great E3 2014 and more

Microsoft’s Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer today shared some details regarding benefits of DX12 on Xbox One, pre-E3 2014 show, changes in Paywall plan and many more things.

Xbox OneFirstly, Spencer assured fans that he is wholeheartedly committed to making Xbox One a huge success. “Thanks, never been more committed to anything in my work than to making XB1 successful.”

When asked to comment on the benefits of DX12 on Xbox One, whether it will have minor or major impact on Xbox One performance? Spencer replied: “When you think about start of gen to end of gen teams learn a lot. DX12 will help as well, think PDZ to Halo 4.”

When a fan asked him “now that you’re boss, we can start blaming you for Gold 2 play and apps behind the xbox live gold paywall right? sorry Phil.” Spencer’s reply was intriguing, hinting that “changes to plans” are coming soon.

“Yep, blame away. I’ll get my changes to plans in place soon but in the meantime pile on.

In today’s world show would last about 10 minutes. Not saying everyone will love everything but we have plans.”

About E3 2014, Spencer first confirmed that this year there won’t be pre-E3 2014 show and added that development team are cranking to make E3 2014 show great.

“The pre-show right before the broadcast, I think so. We won’t do a show the week before E3 this year.

Thanks. Teams are cranking to make the show great.”

These E3 2014 teasers from Spencer and other members of Xbox team are definitely raising excitement level of Xbox community especially Xbox One owners.