Spencer talks about E3 2014, State of Decay MMO for Xbox One, new plans details next month and more

PS4 Demo Unit At Game

Microsoft Xbox Division boss Phil Spencer via Twitter has shared some new details about what all things are coming at E3 2014, State of Decay MMO for Xbox One and his views on NDP March 2014 sales figure.

Xbox OneOn E3 2014, Spencer said:

“Its going to be Huge, important show for us”

“Bringing more than hype, bringing games.”

“More excited than nervous. The Xbox team is working hard to make the show great.”

When asked whether Microsoft will announce any major features or service apart from game for Xbox One at E3 2014? he replied:

“We will be talking about our monthly updates going into E3, I’m spending a lot of time with team lately prioritizing features.”

On his absence from Twitter for past few days, Spencer replied that he was working on new plans and fans will hear about them in next month at E3 2014.

“Been working with new on our plans. You’ll hear more in the next month and at E3. I’ll have more time to answer now.”

When asked for an update on State of Decay MMO for Xbox One, Spencer said:

“SoD is important to us. @undeadlabs has a good plan for the franchise and it’s bigger than a DLC expansion.”

Lastly, Spencer added that Microsoft is in the next-gen console battle to win it. When one Twitter user tweeted: “I know you want to be cool. But don’t forget you said you are in it to win it, curb stomp the competition Phil.”

Spencer replied: “Definitely in to win. We need to do more, that’s 100% of my focus.”

The strategy from Microsoft is pretty clear, all major announcement related to Xbox One will be coming at E3 2014 and it will mostly be about games. After Titanfall, there’s isn’t much exclusive content announced, whereas Sony already have few in the pipeline such as “DriveClub, The Order: 1886, The Last of Us: Remastered and many more”.

So it will be interesting to see how successful this strategy of Microsoft would be. What do you guys think? Share your views with us in the comment section below.