Spencer Talks About Project Scorpio Being A Premium Console, Extra GPU Power Usage, VR, HW Milestones


Talking at the IGN Unlocked podcast, Xbox Head Phil Spencer provided lots of comments about the upcoming Microsoft strategies, and in particular had a chat involving Project Scorpio reportedly the next big thing for the Redmond platform holder, which is set to be officially revealed, with pricing, first lineup and release date fixed for this year.

Spencer On Project Scorpio Power, Usage, And More

According to Spencer, the Scorpio chip was provided back last October, ported over Xbox One platform in November so they could start giving first party team alpha versions of the hardware. He keeps saying the platform is thought to be the “premium” offering of the Xbox “family” because it’s coming to people who know about teraflops and 4K resolution.

On top of that, he delivered an idea of what we should be expecting from hardware usage when Scorpio releases later this year. It’s going to be something like PS4 Pro, basically, as he gave the example of Horizon: Zero Dawn which used the superior raw power to make the 1080p version better looking. Devs will be free to do whatever they want with those 6 teraflops.

Finally, he said the right place for VR now is Windows, and that while he wants to bring virtual reality to console there’s still a lot of room to improve before they can carry that experience the right way in the living room. Looking at PlayStation VR, that’s something one could agree: remember all those wires.