Spencer talks about Xbox One June/July firmware, Minecraft save next-gen save transfer, X360 emulator and more

Xbox One firmware

The promotion of Phil Spencer as new boss of Xbox Division is touted as one of the bold move from Microsoft to revamp its image among consumers. Spencer has already promised “games, games and games” at their E3 2014 press conference, but today via Twitter he shared some details on Xbox One firmware preview for the month of June, July and many other topics.

Xbox OneSpencer stated that Xbox One June and July update is looking pretty good and development team are making some good progress.

“Monthly updates for June and July look really good, team is making good progress.”

When asked to provide some details on new features that will be coming with these upcoming firmware for Xbox One, Spencer didn’t explicitly mention anything but did comment on possibility of the implementation of an emulator for arcade games:

“We kind of did that with Game Room on 360 and it surprised me but it wasn’t that successful.”

Spencer also acknowledge that more small games for Xbox One in-between big releases would be a positive move:

“I get the idea and I agree getting more smaller games is a good thing for the platform.”

Lastly, Spencer confirmed that Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition save will carry over of Xbox One edition:

“After months of teaming up with Mojang, we can confirm that Minecraft X360 Edition will save transfer to Xbox One Edition…more news soon!”

So there you have it folks some interesting quotes straight from the mouth of Phil Spencer.